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Yak & Yeti Himalayan Restaurant Menu
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Appetizers - Vegetarian

1) Aloo Tikki (Indian) 2 pieces  
Sesame seed crusted fried spiced potato patties. Served with our house chutneys.

2) Samosa(Indian) 2 pieces

Potatoes and peas stuffed into a pastry and deep fried.  Served with our house chutneys.


3) Tandoori Mushrooms (Indian)
Marinated mushrooms cooked in our tandoori oven. Served with our house chutneys.

4) Tingmo (Tibetan)
Two Tibetan steamed buns served with Yak and Yeti hot sauce and house mint chutneys.

Appetizers – Non-Vegetarian

1) Chicken Himalaya (Indian)  
Marinated chicken breast slices sautéed in Himalayan spices and served with our house chutneys.

2) Kalimpong Shapta (Tibetan)
Tasty stir fried spicy pork served with a Tibetan steamed bun. As in all pork, political or otherwise, good for Alaska and good for you.

3) Lhasa Momos (Tibetan) 6 pieces
Momos are meaty Tibetan beef dumplings steamed in a flour dough wrapper and served with our own special Yak and Yeti hot sauce. If you ever visit a Tibetan home as a guest, this might be what you would be treated with for a meal.

4) Pokhara Lamb Sekhwa (Nepalese)
Marinated spiced chunks of lamb cooked in tandoor and served with our house chutneys

5) Tandoor Shrimp (Indian)
Marinated shrimp, cooked in tandoor and served with our house chutneys.

6) Chicken Tikka (Indian)
Chicken marinated in yogurt and mild spices, cooked in tandoor, and served with our house chutneys.

7) Chicken Achari (Indian)
Chicken marinated in mild mint and coriander sauce, cooked in tandoor, and served with our house chutneys.


1) Tomato Soup
House made tomato soup.

2) Dharamsala Vegetarian Soup
Leeks, tofu, potato and corn soup with a touch of spices.

3) House Salad Side
earty salad consisting of cucumbers, Swiss chard, carrots, red cabbage, cauliflower, parsley, and peas. Dressed with our delicious Himalayan creamy sesame garlic vinaigrette.


1) Indian Pickle (Mixed or Garlic)
Indians love fruit, vegetables, and even meats pickled in intensely flavorful spices and oil. This is some of the best Indian pickle that we’ve ever tasted, made in Pakistan.

2) Raita (Free with Indian Entrées)
Raita is a yogurt and cucumber sauce which can help temper the spices or add another dimension to the dish.

3) House chutneys
House chutneys are mint chutney and tamarind chutney.


1) Naan (Indian)
Classic Indian bread cooked in tandoor oven.

2) Roasted Garlic Naan (Indian)
Roasted garlic cooked into our delicious naan.

3) Tingmo (Tibetan)
Tibetan steamed buns.

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